Hacking and theft of company confidential data is the new business reality and risk.  Loss of this data can have catastrophic financial and regulatory results for a company so information security is now a bedrock requirement.

South Africa and the European Union have established regulatory frameworks for data protection and privacy.  The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) will be fully effective in South Africa in 2020.  The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became effective in 2018 and will apply to your company if you offer goods and services to the EU or have a legal entity, representative, or website in the EU or maintain a data processor there.

The global growth of ISO 27001 certifications now exceeds any other standard and it is becoming recognized as the international benchmark for information security.

The Information Security Management approach provides many benefits including:

Wider acceptance of products and/or services in target markets. Demonstration of customer data protection. Higher contractual compliance.


Demonstration of regulatory compliance. Reduced risk of data theft by hacking or employee theft. Enhanced business continuity and minimization of incident damage. Enhanced protection of company knowledge.

What can Quality Track do for you?

An easy to follow 4 stage project plan – Gathering of information – preparation of documentation, implementation and training and preparation for certification. Preparation of all documentation for your approval. Staff training. A detailed guide to successful implementation. Close monitoring your implementation progress. Assistance in choosing a suitable certification company. Assistance to close out any findings arising from certification audits to ensure successful certification.

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