This management standard has become the leading indicator of environmental credibility in the petrochemical, automotive, component manufacturing, engineering, port management and logistics sectors.   At the end of 2017 307 059 certifications had been recorded world wide with 807 in South Africa.

The Environmental Management System approach provides many benefits including:
Product or service costs

Reduction in resource costs – water and electricity. Reduction in waste disposal costs.


Wider acceptance of products and/or services in target markets. Demonstration of good environmental management practices. Higher tender evaluation scores.


Demonstration of regulatory compliance. Reduced risk of pollution incidents.

What can Quality Track do for you?

An easy to follow 4 stage project plan – Gathering of information – preparation of documentation, implementation and training and preparation for certification. Preparation of all documentation for your approval. Staff training. A detailed guide to successful implementation. Close monitoring your implementation progress. Assistance in choosing a suitable certification company. Assistance to close out any findings arising from certification audits to ensure successful certification.

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