Systems Management

Management System Maintenance

If you do not have the capacity to maintain your management system or you are unable to find someone experienced to manage compliance we can do that for you.
We will:

  • Set up an Internal Audit Programme and conduct audits.
  • Maintain a register of audit findings and monitor corrective actions arising from them.
  • Revise outdated documents.
  • Generate new documents as required.
  • Prepare and chair management reviews and produce minutes.
  • Monitor actions arising from reviews to ensure they are carried out.
  • Provide management system training for employees when required.
  • Close out Certification Body audit findings.
  • Prepare your company for re certification audits.

All for a fixed monthly fee based on the size and complexity of your management system and the number of sites.  Contact us now and we will send you a questionnaire to obtain the information we need to prepare your quotation.